Contest of Champions Game 2: Scarlet Spiders vs. Bushwacker?

Despite time to prepare for their encounter, Siryn and Cyclops went headlong at each other and though Siryn looked to have the advantage of flight Cyclops won in literally the blink of an eye.


Scarlet Spiders (all 3) (Spider-Man like agility and webs but no spider-sense. Iron Spider Armour)


Bushwacker (Punisher villain with the ability to turn his arm into any weapon, skilled assassin)

Scenario: Bushwacker has randomly opened fire on civillians in central New York, the Scarlet Spiders are first on the scene. Civillians everywhere.

  1. impactwebbing answered: Three on one would make me inclined to say the Spiders, plus I think those suits are at least a little bulletproof.
  2. michaelmclean answered: scarlet spiders, those guys were awesome.
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